SOOS-How to use?

Soos-How to use it?

Get the best results with instructions from a professional groomer in the know

​Me and my Poodles both bathed in Soos Dead Sea Products(yes i use it on my hair too!) kids are in mud and anti-itch(this is not a freshly groomed pic)

All of the current labeling on Soos will tell you to apply liberally to wet dog.​ Instead use a professional groomers trick and mix Soos with warm water and apply to DRY dog. I have been able to dilute up to 30-1 on a well maintained dog, 20-1 on most normal skin dogs and 10-1 or stronger on skin issue dogs. Its more efficient to do your first wash to get them clean, and then your second wash to get the full benefits of the ingredients(thus that is why you use it full strength or slightly diluted). 

**keep in mind this whole line is very moisturizing using many natural ingredients, if you are wanting to apply dye, i suggest a Clarifying shampoo such as K9 Competition strip.**

strongest cleaners:  These Soos contain the strongest SLS free cleansers such as cocomidopropylbetaine, Decyl Glucoside & Lauramide.

Extra strength Mineral enriched Shampoo   

  Classic Deep Cleansing Shampoo

Most Moisturizing :    These Soos contain more moisturizing ingredients and can be used alone or with light conditioning especially if you live in a dry area. 
Anti- itch leaves a very nice moisturized feel to coat

Two-in-One shampoo & Conditioner needs nothing else after

Tearless Puppy & Kitten shampoo is gentle enough to be used frequently. 

Safe on heads & around eyes:   Although Soos choice in  cleansers are gentle and not as likely to cause eye ulcers as SLS, still there is high amount of other ingredients that can cause stinging.For example Soos Mud shampoo does sting the eyes briefly (i used it on my hair!). 
Here are what i use on heads:

Hypo and Tearless do not contain tea tree oil. Hypo has the gentle non ionic cleaner(Decyl Glucoside) as second ingredient, where as Tearless has dead sea water/salt and olive oil as first three ingredients and the same cleanser is farther down near the end of the list(this makes this shampoo more moisturizing-thus will leave hair less fluffy(good for very dry/frequent washing/or coats you want a lay down on).

I prefer fluffy when possible, so i prefer Hypoallergenic as my head cleanser or mud on areas not around the eyes.  My trick for very fussy/short nosed dogs/dogs with folds of skin is the Foam Mousse. that way IF you get it rinsed its a bonus, but you wont be worried about trying to rinse product off perfectly, and the dog will improve in behavior if its not worried about getting water up its nose. 

Yeasty/Allergies/Itchy :   First evaluate dogs skin and the known history. If dogs are yeasty then every Soos product will help due to the dead sea water/minerals and salt, the Oatmeal in Tearless/Mineral Rich Mud/ is Collodial Oatmeal so it will not feed yeast or bother a Gluten sensitive dog.

For dogs with itchy skin, and dryness Anti-Itch is the best choice. It is moisturizing, does not contain oats and seems to relieve itching the most.  For yeasty, bacterial skin dogs use Extra strength mineral followed by mud, the extra amount of Dead Sea Minerals, Dead Sea Salt, and extracts from 71 plants make this the most effective against fungus, bacteria & yeast. For an extra boost do a Dead Sea Salt Soak either to feet or whole body or revitalizing leave in conditioning treatment. 

Of course, anything  groomers do is temporary so along with appropriate diet change and supplementation, the bathing process will be most effective on weekly/biweekly schedules. 

St Poodle 1 year old bathed in Anti-itch

Shih Tzu bathed in Mineral Mud shampoo followed by diluted Ultra Creme conditioner(50-1)

Soft Coated Wheaton bathed in Extra Strength Mineral shampoo, Mineral Mud shampoo & Ultra Creme conditioner(50-1)

See a video of a standard poodle being dried after being bathed in Soos anti-itch shampoo. Notice how quickly this thick coated poodle's coat separates and straightens. 

After being bathed in Anti-itch and quick tidy

Close up of the nice texture on the jacket of this poodle(before trimming)