Sparkle Wrap FAQ

What is "Sparkle Wrap"??

It actually contains no real jewels or rhinestones! it is plastic strings with multifaceted "cups" that catch and reflect the light and thus shimmer like they contained Swarovski jewels!  because of the thin strings they can easily wrap around a dogs neck and be cut into shapes. This makes it much more affordable than the REAL Sparkle wrap that contains jewels. Size is 24  rows wide(see image below) by 1 Meter long. larger bulk by request

Choosing your Sparkle on a budget

This depends  a little on your preference, but the typical "Bling staple" is the silver Sparkle wrap which can then be accented with color ribbon, and glue on decorations.
​Another option for those who want color but can only choose one, is Rainbow. you can cut it either to have rainbow on every piece OR by color, thus your one roll gives you  7 different colors.
Pic Shows "Silver & Rainbow"

With any of the Patterned choices, they are pretty enough on their own, and you don't even need glue on decorations

How hard is it to use?

It is very easy to cut with scissors, or a roller cutter and the possibilities are only limited by imagination! 
​Collars, Ties, Bows, accent shapes that are glued or attached to ribbon, i have even made bows out of it!

Learn how to make collars in our Tutorial