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Bibs for Decorating dogs

Canadian Grooming Distributor

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The new Asian style  look is here with BIBS. Now you have something for those small and  tiny kids. 

 Xtra small and small for those cute little clients. Tie on for easy sizing. 

Use as part of an add-on  "package" or for VIP clients.

Great for photo shoots. 


Tie up style features elasticized ribbon for easy custom fit. Purple Lace features multiple layers, with Pearls, roses, bows and eyelet lace.(see the large on my standard poodle)

meaurements: medium 6"wide x 4.5 tall, ribbon is 23" long

Large 7" wide x 5" tall, ribbon is 26" long

Pink Lace features multiple types of lace, Bows and gems. comes in large 

Large is 7.5"wide x 5" tall, ribbon is 28" long

Pullover Pink lace & satin is a xxs-xs intricate neck decoration for that petite dog. Features elastic stretch, mini pearls, layers of lace & ribbon & satin. 

circumference of 10"(only 4.5" wide laid flatx 2.5" tall) 


Lace with Hello Kitty is size small, comes in green or pink. Beautiful lace overlay with pearl detail. cute pattern on reverse side as well. Bib is 7" wide and 4.5" tall with complete strap length of 21"

Floral Patchwork Gingham is xsmall with patchwork quilt pbackground, lace overlay, crochet flowers/and or cherry, or ribbon flowers. some variation in size and features like crochet cherry, or different patterns on some. comes in pink, blue or green.

Bib size varies from 5" wide x 2.5" tall to 5.5" wide x2.5" tall to 6" wide x 3" tall to 6.5" wide x 3" tall. total strap length is 23"


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