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OdorKlenz Skunk Odor Eliminator

OdorKlenz Skunk Odor Eliminator

Canadian Grooming Distributor

  • $20.99

Skunk Odor Eliminator

OdorKlenz  Skunk Odour Eliminator is your #1 trusted source for safe  and complete skunk odour removal from your carpets, furniture, laundry or other surfaces exposed to your pet. OdorKlenz is even safe to use on your pets and contains no masking agents or alcohol.

OdorKlenz Skunk Odour Eliminator was developed as a field treatment for pets who have been sprayed while hunting, walking, hiking or playing.  The unique technology neutralizes the skunk odour on contact eliminating the possibility of contaminating the car, the house or you. It can also be used on carpet, laundry or other surfaces that may be affected by skunk odour.


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