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OdorKlenz Pet Urine Elimintator

OdorKlenz Pet Urine Elimintator

Canadian Grooming Distributor

  • $27.99
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  • Odorklenz uses ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY Green NanoActive Technology to Eliminate Odors
  • Perfume and Fragrance Free, Ideal for People with Chemical of Perfume Sensitivities, No Harsh Chemicals
  • Odorklenz is NOT a Masking Agent or Enzyme, it Neutralizes Odors at the Source
  • Safe to Use on Water-Safe Surfaces Such as Rugs, Carpets and Other Surfaces Your Pet Frequents.
  • Made With Pet and Child Safe Natural Earth Minerals and Specially Formulated to Neutralize Urine Odor
  • 58oz


**Testimonial from joanne**

#1 the defrosted freezer mold

I came back from week vacation this summer in 30+ weather to find my store freezer full of frozen raw dog food had quit. hubby opened the door without thinking and  a green cloud billowed out. The bags of raw had exploded and started to grow mold in the heat. I quickly put on masks(with essential oils on them!) and first i dumped  the Odorklenz litter additive(granules) into the freezer to absorb the raw moldy liquid at the bottom of the freezer while i removed the soggy boxes & bags of raw. 

It was gag worthy in  my salon by then, even with the door open. i had been trying to spray the air with  various sprays that i owned to take down the stench, enzyme based, disinfectants etc, all no no avail. I grabbed the new Odorklenz  i had received and started spraying it liberally in every nook and cranny of the freezer where any raw bloody juices could have splashed or ran. i closed the door. removed anything from the store, sprayed odorklenz in the air, went outside to dump garbage & breathe deeply, came back in and decided to  check for smell. 

I was shocked! not only did my salon not smell, but when you opened the freezer door, it barely smelled....i figured out i missed a few crannies in the rubber seals and sprayed again every 10 minutes about 3 times. it never smelt bad again! and i have a very good nose. 

#2 the Poop missile

This happened the same week, while i was still "testing" my new product to see if it really works. I had a big dog in that ive groomed for years, she was waiting for her brother to be bathed and was being antsy and had little soft stool so i called owners to send her home. while they were picking her up she had a big explosive diarrhea all over the lino in the lobby, I quickly picked it up with papertowels and sprayed odorklenz on it and the air, not even one minute later another client walks in. I asked her what it smelled like. she said nice. i said not like dog poop or anything funky? she said no. keep in mind its a 10x20' area and she was standing right where the poop was!  i was SOLD! 

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