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SOOS Dead Sea Product BUNDLES

Soos Dead Sea Products

  • $95.35

Take the guesswork out of trying SOOS and save with a Bundle package instead. Choose from two different bundles or buy both . 500ml size bottles, dilute up to 20-1 or use full strength. 

**USE CODE SOOStrial  to recieve 50% off!!! (you may order one of each bundle & one use per customer)

read complete description under each individual product page. or Product Guide here

Bundle #1 My Favourites:

Extra Strength Mineral-Enriched Shampoo( can be used as first wash or alone. can dilute up to 20-1)it contains extra dead sea minerals
Anti-Itch Shampoo( this is the product we have gotten the most feedback on  immediately lessening itchiness on chronic itchy dogs)
Mineral Rich MUD Shampoo( my personal favourite- washes wonderful, whitens, not hard to rinse, leaves fluffy, dogs seem calmer)dilute up to 20-1 normal skin/problem skin use stronger
Deep Hydrating Leave-In Conditioner( use 1/4oz in 8 oz bottle- blend or whisk- spray after bath) leaves hair fluffy
Tearless puppy shampoo: this actually gives  a nice fluffy finish to heads
Regular price of this bundle is $98.90 after 50% off is only $49.45 

Bundle #2 Must Have's:

Classic Deep Cleansing Shampoo( great first wash for greasy oily dogs) wont strip or leave dry feeling
Hypoallergenic ( my choice for head shampoo- non irritating and leaves hair fluffy)
Two-In-One shampoo/Conditioner (our most popular seller especially doodles)
Ultra Creme Conditioner-Rinse out( mix 40-1 for  a nice fluffy finish that is still moisturized)
Revitalizing leave in : adds shine, repels bugs, we mix with water and use as a rinse or recirc treatment for matts.

Regular price of this bundle is $95.35 after 50% off is $47.68

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