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Utsumi Combination comb


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Japanese made, each pin is placed in the comb by hand. These finishing combs stand out because they are different. The actual size the the tines versus the spacing between them is what makes them different. The tines are very skinny, thus they go through coat like no other comb and will separate the hair especially well. Due to the thinner tines and hand made precision, they are not meant to be used for yanking through thick matted coat, pulling out undercoat or knots. Though if you use them to check over your work on double coats you will notice a lot more hair coming out. 



U&U 7.5" Combo Comb


SKU: 0034

Stainless steel

Color choice: Gold or Silver 

7.5 inch rectangular comb with half fine and half medium teeth. The one side is curved like a half Moon ( named after the shape) and the other is square. Basically it is a combination of two combs. 

Use only for finishing





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