Crazy Liberty Polish Pens

Crazy Liberty Polish Pens
Crazy Liberty Polish Pens

Crazy Liberty Polish Pens

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Not good at polish? need a way to do your own fun designs? Polish pens are the answer!

comes in a package of 9 colors. 

  • Non-Toxic, Water Based, & Odorless Pet Nail Polish Pen for Quick and Neat Coverage - Pick from 9 different colors in the nail polish set.
  • Easy to apply without the risk of spillage or mess. Easily clean the polish with water or a wet wipe when you want to try a new design. Keep your pup’s nails looking stylish and fashionable.
  • The Ultimate in Dog Accessories - Break out the Open Toe Dog Shoes and color coordinate with your favorite pets shirt, collar, leash, pet costume, fur coloring or hair dye.
  • Great gift idea for any occasion or just when stocking up on new puppy supplies. Works on large and small breed dogs, puppies, even a little cat or piggy.

so prep the nail by making sure its clean, dry and remove any oils. Do your trim and dremmel before applying. 

paint or draw your design(or combine with polish) . allow to dry(its way faster than polish)  and apply a clear coat to make it last longer. 

Some ideas are hearts, dots, stripes, X & 0, spiders, use to draw the outline after painting a shape. 

if you want pre made designs try the nail wraps! 

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