PawMarks Wraps

PawMarks Wraps
PawMarks Wraps
PawMarks Wraps
PawMarks Wraps
PawMarks Wraps
PawMarks Wraps
PawMarks Wraps
PawMarks Wraps
PawMarks Wraps

PawMarks Wraps

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A long dog coat often has a lot to endure and can be damaged by factors such as heat, moisture, dirt and friction. Wraps protect the long coats of show dogs. These beautiful, luxurious plastic Show Tech Wraps help you keep your dog's hair looking radiant.

Glossy and knot-free

A long silky coat requires a lot of maintenance. Every centimetre in hair length counts and every individual hair is important! The hair must therefore be treated with the utmost care. By wrapping the hair of your show dog, it cannot break off and be damaged and you can keep it long, shiny and tangle-free. These wraps also come in handy when making a top knot in curly coats.

Styling products, sprays, oils and conditioners will not be absorbed by these wraps, allowing the nourishing products to be absorbed into the hair and giving optimal results. Give your dog a beautiful look and healthy hair with these must-have Show Tech Wraps!

It's all in the details

  • Luxurious wrapping paper
  • Material: plastic (PET)
  • Ideal for making wraps on breeds with long silky coats (Yorkshire terriers, Maltese) and for the top knot on curly coats (poodles)
  • Packed per 100 sheets
  • Choice of colours
  • The colours do not rub off onto the coat
  • Dimensions: 15 x 40 cm*

* These measurements are approximate.

Use instructions

Please store the wraps in a dry place.

To make wraps you will need, in addition to this special wrapping material (plastic wraps), oil, a needle comb, a brush and elastic bands. We recommend that you wash the coat at least once a week and use a nourishing conditioner or hair mask and treat the coat once or twice a week with Show Tech+ Moisturizing Coat Oil to maintain the coat and bring back its natural balance. You can apply the oil the night before a wash, just after a wash, or mid-week between washes. The best way to apply the oil is explained in this blog post (under 'Cleansed but not sufficiently nourished').

It is important to plan this treatment for the long term. A one-off application will not be sufficient to restore the coat or keep it in good condition. Once you have made the wraps, be sure to replace them 1-2 times a week. Be sure to watch the video below where we show you how to care for a Yorkshire terrier's coat and make wraps.

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