Slobber Stopper

Slobber Stopper
Slobber Stopper
Slobber Stopper
Slobber Stopper
Slobber Stopper
Slobber Stopper

Slobber Stopper

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Bib for large dogs

Bib for large dogs

Dog breeds such as Newfoundlands, St. Bernards, mastiffs and Pyrenean Mountain dogs are known to drool a lot. Show Tech+ has designed the Slobber Stopper especially for them!

Simply the best bib

These unique, double-layered bibs keep your dog's hair dry. The coat will not get dirty or wet from drooling.

They are made of multiple layers of high-quality, superabsorbent and fast-drying microfibre fabric with a waterproof layer in between to stop every drop.

The Slobber Stopper is specially designed for our large four-legged friends and ideal for dogs who have a lot of long chest hair. It prevents the hair from discolouring (due to enzymes present in the saliva) or sticking together due to wetness or dirt.

This cover also protects your furniture! If the dog is not wearing a bib and shakes its head after eating or drinking, drool flies everywhere. Thanks to the Slobber Stopper, the slimy saliva and food residue will stick to the bib from now on.

You can easily put it on the dog by tying the two ribbons in the neck.

It's all in the details

  • Drool bib designed for large dogs
  • Made from a strong, superabsorbent microfibre (88% polyester and 12% polyamide) with a waterproof PVC coating
  • Prevents the hair from getting dirty or wet when the dog drools
  • Keeps the dog's chest and legs dry
  • Protects furniture from drool and splashes
  • Washing instructions:
  • Dimensions: 43 x 46.5 cm
  • Length of 1 ribbon: 51.5 cm*
  • Available in various trendy colours

* All measured data are approximate.

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