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    All styles and types of Combs to check for mats, get undercoat out or fluff the hair for scissoring. 

    General rule is the finer the tines(teeth) is to get seperation on thin hair or very clean blowdried coat. It will be hard to get through very thick dirty matted hair. 

    Thicker the coat, the wider the spacing between teeth

    To fluff you use wider spacing so as to not drag coat out of natural position,rather to pick it up to let it lay natural. 

    To demat & deshed you will use a thicker tine(medium to fine spacing) otherwise they will bend

    to check your work(check if you got all the tangles brushed out, or undercoat finish with a finer tooth(yento) 


    27 products
    Candy striped Comb
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    Aaronco Combs
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    Yento Scissoring Comb
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    Fushia Purple
    Show Tech Curved Comb
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    Show Tech Featherlight Swirl Comb
    Show Tech Big Brother Comb
    Show Tech Dematting Comb
    Yento Handled Comb-Extra Fine 70 pins
    Yento Handled Comb-Fine 58 pins
    Show Tech Featherlight Curved Comb
    Show Tech Fork Comb for backcombing
    Show Tech Mini Greyhound Comb
    Show Tech Dematting Comb-11 blades
    Show Tech Antistatic Rake Comb deshed
    Show Tech Antistatic Greyhound Comb
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    Show Tech Featherlite straight poodle Comb
    Aesculap Stainless steel Combs
    Aesculap Aluminum Finishing Combs
    The Sentinel T11 Heavy Duty Comb
    Wahl Stainless steel Guide Comb for A5 blades
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    Aaronco Rake Superior
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    The Sentinel Commercial stripper W8
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    Aaronco HONEYCOMB® Double Row Finisher
    Yento Handled Comb- Coarse 24 pins
    Yento Handled Comb- Medium 37 pins
    Show Tech Combination Comb
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