Account & Professional Pricing

We offer pricing discounts to all Professionals in the animal industry. This means someone who has a business with a licence. This keeps our pricing fair to the hardworking pet groomers, breeders &  show handlers that are our bread and butter, and typically are  lifelong repeat customers. 

How to set up for Professional Discount. If you have had an account with us(an assigned email & password) since before March 2020 you are already added. 

Step#1 make an account- assign your email & password(bonus this also starts you collecting points too!)

Step #2 email us proof that your a professional. Business Licence, bank card with your business name on it(cover any numbers), screenshot of FB page with matching info. please make sure you tell us the email you used for your account. 

we will add you to our program! 

Check by Logging out, see the pricing change(might need to delete cookies on your computer).