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Online Training for Groomers

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We at CGD highly recommend Leading Edge Academy for online training. Just watch her demo video to see how thorough she is! Even long time breeders and experienced show people learn tons of new things. I originally signed up for the topknot course simply to become better at banding & wrapping for when I go on holidays and leave my st poodles in someone's care who does not brush. Well after 4 years of banding and wrapping, after I watched the first video I nailed wrapping perfectly and for once they didn't move, slide, or fall out during agility! Her course SAVED my poodles hair when we went away and she was out in rain & mud at a kennel for 4 days! Plus camping after that with no bath for 10 days! 

Im so excited that more grooming courses will be added as time goes on. I suggest getting the full university now and enjoying free additions .

I have also signed up for the new Groomers Guide to winning trims, it covers all the poodle trims from modern, scandi, german, english saddle, HCC, kennel, T-trim, second puppy trim. So as a competitor, groomer or pet owner, you can choose to buy the bundle or individually only the trim you need. LEARN MORE