Online Training for Groomers

The Informed Groomer 

  • Why should I join? The Informed Groomer team are all about continuing education and using video's, printable information and community to help you reach your goals. Whether that be building confidence, working on business, or improving grooming and so much more.

  • Do you find that most resources focus on show dogs? While conformation shows and grooming competitions are a great way to build on knowledge The Informed Groomer is a stepping stone. We focus on building skill sets, confidence, and day to day salon grooming.

  • Do you find yourself struggling to improve because you can't find resources at your finger tips or people who are willing to take the time to encourage you? With our video library we give you videos that you can groom along to! struggle with a particular breed pattern? We got you! Want to focus on cute mix styles that keep clients coming back? We got you! Post your questions and pictures in our private forum to help build confidence in our supportive community.

  • How do I sign up? Currently our membership is closed. It will open up again for new members soon (August or September 2022). If you would like to be put on the waiting list for a notification for when we do open up our membership again, please drop us an email!

  • **Note from Joanne* The designer and instructor of this program I have known since 2010. she has been running and teaching at her Dog Grooming school for many decades. What sets her apart is that she remains up to date on techniques, tools and new fads in grooming. She covers everything from dematting, show trims, asian style creative, business sense and more. this is the MOST COMPLETE course I have ever seen for groomers. It is aimed at continued education rather than teaching new people the basics(her in-person school Animal Haven in BC does that)


For continued Education on Skin/Coat/Spa treatments 

The International Association of Professional Esthetic Groomers - the IAPEG offers the Pet esthetician course that  is way ahead of other programs. It is hands down THE MOST COMPLETE intensive Colligate level course I have ever taken in my 20 years grooming. Just have a look at the contents covered! 

I started out with other peoples 2 hour seminars/webinars, then a  weekend course etc. all claiming to teach you what you need to be considered a "certified Pet esthetician" although these other courses were great at wetting my appetite, they were incomplete. It is BRAND NEUTRAL- so you learn what to use within YOUR budget, and how to create your own skin "treatments".

The ICPE course is so thorough, it is not for the faint of heart.  Ask me anything you want about it. 


 For at home grooming/professional pet Grooming  I highly encourage the following: 

Jodi Murphy online or dvd course,

Super styling sessions with Jay Scruggs and Sue Zecco

Or learn from a bunch of instructors,