2022 Pre-sell on Tables Tubs dryers

2022 models all have upgrades! We expect stock to arrive around November 2022. what's arriving and what's new:

X-treme Low electric table - this one is a pro version and comes with plug ins, USB ports, tool hooks, drawer and our table features Breaker box(no fuses), in case you overload the plugs, a power cord almost 10' long, a grounding foot(in case of electrical surges) 51" tall overhead arm, all Denmark made cables, pedals & lifting motor arm designed and built for medical field. The new cables are sealed. two foot pedals. 

Accordian pro- same as X-treme low except instead of second set pedals there is a hand control on the "off side" this table goes a lot higher. 

LED is the same frame style & height as X-treme Low, but without the hook/drawer/plug ins, it has a full safety glass top with a slight texture, and comes with upgraded clear silicone mat(takes away that clanky noise of metal comb on glass. if glass is struck at precise angle with sharp object it can shatter(like vehicle glass in chunks. the glass top can be replaced by glass person. I have seen a metal clamp used on table(no mat) to tie down a dog and the force caused the glass to break since there was no cushion. comes with  51" overhead arm, 9'10" power cable, dual pedals, sealed cables. 

Competition Electric:  10' cord, single arm. finger controls, 

Airlift rectangular- same features as before

Ring side table: aluminum silver table with lightweight legs that can be adjusted in height. fits birch arms

wall mounted dryers in pink, black, white- improvement to the design internally. new version of the wall mounted arm.  


Large acrylic with a built in stainless steel bar with adjustable rings to move your tie up position, great for belly band. Free bath matt included this time. 

Electric Lift Classic style ss tub is now ALL 304 stainless steel even the base! fully sealed cables & pedals, lifting motor all from Denmark. features sliding door, 

small Stainless steel tub same features as before. 

Cage bank- we only have a few available on next shipment. , We have chosen to  do 2 large crate on bottom/5 small on top. that way its not too tall and you can use divider panels on the large. new hybrid metal mix through out with white powder coating, magnetic latches, full kits come with rolling base. 2 large(with dividers to make into medium), 5 small. small can fit most small dogs, with tall dogs being the squishiest(they usually lay down anyways,)