SOOS- Which to choose?

SOOS Dead Sea Products: Which to use and how to choose?

It can be confusing looking at a new line that has ingredients unlike you've ever seen or tried before. Buy with confidence for your needs after reading the following guide

Soos™ Products can be organized into 3 product categories:

TREATMENT FOR CONDITIONS that cause your pet severe discomfort like dry skin, skin irritations, itching and chronic pain

CLEANSING, STYLING AND REJUVENATING YOUR PET'S SKIN AND COAT with various mineral rich shampoos, conditioners, fresh scents and styling formulas (good all purpose)

EXCEPTIONALLY GENTLE PRODUCTS  that are tearless and hypoallergenic as well as puppy & kitten shampoos

*First of all they are all multi-purpose and you wont get bad results, but there are some that can be categorized by their ingredients for particular results.

For Dirty/oily pets

The two strongest cleansers are Classic deep Clean and Extra Strength Mineral. They will get that oily crust lifting up, and will not leave the skin or coat feeling dry or stripped. They contain less conditioning oils(Extra Strength mineral has no heavy oils, only essential oils), and three types of non ionic cleansers. 
Both can be used as first wash or as the only wash. 

My favorite use is Extra strength mineral, followed by Mud.

For Skin Problems

Yeasty, itchy, fungal all benefit from these products. Anti-itch has no oats,and contains green tea and Chamomile to calm skin, and is very moisturizing (we have gotten the most feed back on this product alleviating chronic itchiness, even on dogs who have had complete diet change, meds, and other skin shampoos/treatments used).
​Mineral Rich Mud shampoo  has the most minerals, plants, & oils. it cleans well, and leaves skin moisturized but not heavy. You get scissor ready hair!

Gentle/Sensitive skin

​Hypoallergenic has no tea tree oil, and a gentle quality non ionic cleanser(Decyl Glucoside). its safe to use around eyes, and leaves a fluffier finish than Tearless. 
Two-in-One has a high amount of conditioning and softening ingredients, no tea tree oil, or strong mineral  mixes. 
Tearless is more conditioning(leaves coat a little less fluffy), contains oats, full mineral plant mix, coconut oil, pumpkin seed oil, olive oil, and gentle non ionic cleanser(decyl Glucoside)

Some product selections for Hypothetical scenarios

First wash to get the dog clean:     Dirty, oily, smelly breed with/or without skin dander or issues: Use Extra strength Mineral- the formula really tackles oily cocker ears and smells like anal glands well.  General dirty, but not excessively oily or smelly: use deep clean

Second wash to treat skin or coat:  Dogs that need whitening, or limp coats that you want fluffy(maltese), or you want hair to stand up nice for scissoring, and all normal skin to medium yeast/fungal/dandruff- use Mineral Mud shampoo, or Hypo is great for getting nice fluffy heads. Tearless is way more moisturizing, so you will get more "lay" of coat. 

Very itchy, dry, dandruff:   use Anti-itch (or hypo followed with ultra creme. )it can be mixed 20-1, but for skin problems use as strong as 2-1 and allow ingredients to soak a few minutes. you can also use Two-in-One shampoo/cond for extra moisture. works great on double coats(but you don't lose the fluffy, and wont take hours to dry)

Conditioning:  You can use the conditioner a few ways. 

 Deep hydration mix 1 tsp to 50 ml distilled water and spray leave in after bath before dry(its easily clumpy so mix small amount hot water in first, agitate well or blend, then add rest of water), you can also use as directed by spreading small amount on hands and rubbing in damp coat.

Ultra creme rinse out cond  can be diluted anywhere from 20-1 to 60-1(maltese) according to dryness of coat, what shampoo you used(antiitch is more moisturizing so you can dilute more) and coat type(we use stronger on smooth coats like Bostons to make them shine) apply after shampoo and rinse out. * this is my favorite as it mixes well, and leaves nice finish). 

Soos Revitalizing Leave-In Conditioner  is a skin problem treatment that is mainly used by pet owners at home. It can be  greasy looking if applied to dry hair, so i would use a small amount on damp hair, or mixed with distilled water to make a spray. 

Ingredient Explanations: here are some less known ingredients and their purpose.For full ingredient listing see each product.

Beeswax - the benefits to hair are plentiful adding texture and volume that makes it appear stronger and thicker and makes it easier to mold and style. Beeswax assists in preventing split ends whilst delivering shine and natural protection from the elements.Found in Hypo/Two-in-One/Mineral Rich Mud/Tearless/Ultra Creme cond/Deep Hydration leave in cond/ rescue cream

Burdock Root Extract - Is a natural extract of the roots of Arctium Lappa. Burdock root is an antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory agent. It has been used to treat eczema, acne, psoriasis, and wounds. Found in Hypo/Mineral Rich Mud/Tearless.

Camelia Sinensis (Green Tea) Leaf Extract – Derived from the plant leaf, green tea is an antioxidant and helps protect from free-radical damage. Phosphates in Green Tea also assist with UV filtering.Found only in Anti-itch shampoo

Cocamidopropyl Betaine - A mild amphoteric surfactant produced from coconut oil. Often used in no rinse foaming cleaners due to its gentle non irritating and foaming capabilities.Found in Extra strength Mineral/Classic Deep Cleaning/Two-in-One/Waterless Cat Bath Mousse

Decyl Glucoside - A nonionic surfactant, a combination of plant based fatty alcohols and glucose, puts the foam in our cleansing products.Found in Extra strength Mineral/Classic Deep Cleaning/Hypo/Tearless Read more on Decyl Glucoside

Dimethicone – Secondary water resistance ingredient  derived from silica. aka a type of Silicone.Found in Anti-Itch/Mineral Rich Mud/Ultra Creme cond/Revitalizing Leave in/Deep Hydration Leave in Cond

Glycerine – Derived from vegetable, hydrates and prevents moisture loss.

Propylene Glycol - Vegetable glycerin mixed with grain alcohol, Propylene Glycol is used to help stabilise formulations whilst having moisturising qualities. Found only in the Pet perfume.