Table Comparison Chart

So some things to consider: all of our tables have been tweaked & improved by ME. with custom upgrades. So although there may be copycats that look similar in looks, they lack all of the better quality upgrades.

For example:

#1 all tables with plug in and USB have a waterproof BREAKER BOX built in! no fuses to change.

#2-All cables are SEALED waterproof that wont wiggle loose and if they do get wet inside you simply open up, dry out and they will work again. 

#3 all pedals and lifting arms are MEDICAL grade- made in Denmark! 

#4 all overhead arms have been customized to be taller. 


Table Style Price Weight capacity Size Height Shipping        
Adjustable Folding-M Folding $250  N/A 24 x 36" 31-36" free
Adjustable Folding-L Folding $252 N/A 24 x 48" 31-36" free
Ultra Light ringside Folding $200 N/A 24 x 18" 32"    free
Air lift circular Airlift $400 50lb 27" across 26-39 free
Air lift rectangular Airlift $460 50lb

18.25" x 29.25"

26-39 free
Competition Electric electric $850 250lbs 24 x 47" 10.75-35.5" extra
Z style Hydraulic hydraulic $800 200lbs 38 X 25" 20-40" extra
Accordian  Electric $1350 200lbs 25" x 49" 12-49" extra
Accordian Pro electric $1500 200lbs 25" x 49" 12-49" extra
X-treme Low Pro electric $1500 260lbs 25" x 49" 10-41" extra
LED backlit electric $1700 260lbs 24" x 49" 10-41" extra
Z style Electric Electric $1650 350lbs 24" x 47" 16-46" extra


Some things to consider: the X-treme Low and Accordian both have the "clamp" built in to the table, meaning your grooming arm runs through tubular steel. This is a much stronger option than a clamp on the table board itself(adjustable folding, or Big Z electric), or an added thin tube clamp(LED) big z, 

Think about what type of clientele you will have and the limitations of each design. For example the X-treme low & LED goes the lowest but is also limited in height. Your  castors do add height. (height # is already with feet on)

The X-treme Low, LED both have pedals on both sides. Accordion has pedals on the "front"(side with tool drawers) and hand control on the other side. 

The competition Electric is a full sized table top. Quite a nice choice for starter budgets, its limitation is height.