Grooming with K9 Competition products

Tips for Grooming with K9 Competition products

Various tips, tricks to achieve that beautiful finish, get a fluffy muzzle for Asian style, to bath & dry faster,  and to remove mats and packed undercoat with ease.

The Magic dematting Trick-K9 Coat Cure Conditioner

Here is a good example of using coat cure to humanely, and quickly remove mats. This Bichon /Shih Tzu is on an 6-8 week rotation. he is 12, and never matted. His bottom legs were matted exactly where his winter boots sit. The following video shows the technique used. This is before bath. no other technique was used besides whats shown in video. Bathed in K9 strip, crisp and light spray of dematter before drying. pictures to follow..

Another example of emergency dematting using K9 Coat cure. This pup only had the tail mats, so i decided to try the coat cure to see if it could remove solid  tight mats with it. Apply Coat cure(i like to warm it up) directly to tail and allow to soak, then brush through. bathe in K9 shampoo of choice. I used strip then crisp and dematter spray, no additional brushing or dematting was done during bath, only quick brush during fluff dry. Knots and mats will simply loosen. 

*This was her first groom with me, thus why i tried to save her tail if i could. they now come every 6 weeks *

Packed in undercoat on a long overdue spitz bred

spread coat cure down to skin and soak

Brush through to loosen, the rest will come out during bath & blowdry