K9 Competition products -which to choose?

Which K9 Competition product to choose?

Looking at the K9 Competition line it may seem daunting at first and a little scary, especially if your on a budget and can only choose a few items, well the following info is designed to help you...

Dirty coats: Strip, or any of the shampoos just mixed stronger

Normal coats: any shampoo, crisp for volume or fast drying, moisture for silk feel 

​ Light tangles/loose undercoat: bath normal,aloe or moisture conditioner  diluted up to 40-1, dematter spray before blow drying

Matted/packed undercoat: pre treat with dematter spray or coat cure, brush then bath normal. (video)

although there are multiple products that contain Aloe Vera, the Aloe Vera shampoo, conditioner & nano mist list it as 4th ingredient. This is a good "all around" line that can be used on every coat type & color with great results. it is not heavy, nor is it harsh. to "tweak it" simply adjust the dilution ratio to stronger or weaker to get a more moisturizing effect.
This line is light so as to not weigh down coat, it will not soften terriers coats. It can be used to add volume to any coat type(yorkies included), not only by being light but by adding proteins to the hair shaft. This is my go to for asian style grooming, and to give me that extra body with no feeling of residue in coat. If coat is already thick and hard to comb through, i don't suggest this one unless following it with dematter spray for some slip
This line is great for any coat type that seems dry or itchy, has undercoat that needs to come out or you want a smoother flatter lay on. Although it is not heavy, you will notice a fluffy yet moisturized feel to the coat, and you can tweak the dilution ratio to make it stronger. i tend to use full strength moist conditioner on all long tails if they are healthy. 
these three color enhancers are a subtle gentle way to remove discoloration and to bring out the desired color. it isn't a dye, bleach, or stain. 

K9 combinations you can use

1st scenario: so you have in a small breed that will be getting clipped short, or your in a hurry. use strip first wash, aloe second, and finish with nano mist. this will dry the fastest yet be moisturizing enough to not have static. 

2nd scenario: small breed that gets a longer comb clip with scissor finish. strip first wash, if limp coat use crisp, if dry use aloe(or colors), if very dry or itchy use moisture, finish with crisp mist for volume, or nano for fluffy yet moisturized, moisture spray for more moisture but not limp, use dematter for any matts. OR combo of these(like nano on body/legs, dematter on tail and crisp mist on muzzle/head)

3rd scenario: Deshedding. for all loose dead, and slightly stuck packed coat, proceed directly to tub and bathe with strip, moisture, and moisture conditioner with dabs of coat cure rubbed into stubborn areas. work through coat and comb through if wish. rinse(changing your water temp to cooler if coat needs more moisture). spray nano, or if has any knots left dematter. these sprays are not heavy.

4th scenario: Dematting hair breeds or deshedding very packed in stuck undercoat.  apply coat cure full strength to matted/packed areas. allow to sit 5-20 minutes( i like to warm my coat cure up and wrap them in warm towel to push it in).  Work through matted areas with quality slicker( my favs are Activet gold and CC Big K slicker). mats will MELT away! the rest will disappear in bath & dry! *if you need to make it go farther, either use some moisture conditioner on most of dog and coat cure on the worst areas, or layer it or dilute with water and spray or sponge in. 

Products used: K9 Strip, Crisp shampoo, Nano mist

Products used: K9 Strip, Crisp, dematter spray