Salon Creative: dyeing tails & Legs- How to do it- with video

Adding Color in the salon setting doesnt have to be stressful, it can even be efficent enough of a process that you dont waste valuable time, can keep the cost lower and thus attract more coloring clientele. Here are some tips for Coloring tails in the salon setting. :

 #1 Know your dog- be selective about who you choose to apply color to. The scared/shy dog that has handling issues will only resist you and feel worried about the extra handling/restraining involved (you need to prevent dye from touching other areas). be aware of how wiggily/hyper the pet is and your amount of traffic.)

#2 be prepared- have your colors picked out and (i like to warm the dye by placing it in a container(lid up) full of hot water-the warmth pushes pigment into coat). Dogs hair that is to be colored needs to be washed in a Clarifying shampoo, no conditioner and DRY(reason why is if its damp or wet, it simply dilutes color more). Have your gloves, extra towels, belly strap, mixing container, dye brush, and tinfoil or syran/vet wrap ready. timer. 

#3 you will not be able to answer phone, or stop what your doing. if dog sees someone and starts wagging out! so pull down the shades, put your "SSHHHHH DYE in process" sign up, and lets get started! 


Tips For coloring Tails

#1 Have Tail combed out and trimmed to desired length so you dont waste dye. Groom area around tail/bum(you can leave this hair as a safe guard if needed, cause it can be clipped off after rinse & dry)

 #2 place darker color at bottom of tail  for easier rinsing(if darker is at top and they mix while rinsing, it can affect your shade)

#3 start applying dye  at top of tail, set your lines first, then go back and rub in well. (on fluffy coated dogs you can also only apply to tips of hair for a less lasting effect)

#4 choose complimentary colars(be aware of what they will make if bleed occurs(so pink and blue will make purple- )

#5  while dye is soaking finish grooming rest of dog. 

Tips For Coloring Legs

#1 have an idea of how far up you want your color to go, and if you want multiple colors, a hard line or a fade out.

#2 For a ombre or soft line, have containers of  dye mixed with the Crazy Liberty Clear Up  to create  shades going lighter and lighter. Apply lightest at top. For a hard line use a flat dye brush, touch the outer hair lightly to set. then go back and methodically rub in down to skin.  match rest of legs to the first one. 

#3 using a belly band to make sure they don't sit is recomended. you can wrap while soaking if needed. I tend to work on grooming dog while it soaks. set timer for when last leg has been applied. 

Tips for Rinsing

#1 Set yourself up for sucess- put towel with tail hole back on, use grocery bag over tail as well, tuck towel and bag under dogs rear feet as well. have dog preferably on a higher place than tub floor(bathing rack) so that the rinse water runs away and you dont hav eto dry whole back end, plus you dont want to accidentally color rear legs. open up tinfoil and use as "slide" to guide water away from soaking into towel. when rinsing multiple colors: protect lighter shade with gloved hand, while rinsing darker shade.

#2 water pressure is your friend. Use higher flow/pressure(not jet stream) to push dye water away. 

#3 Use tepid-cool water: you do not want to open up the hair shaft. follow with LIGHT shampoo with a very gentle cleanser(like a foaming face wash) the purpose is just to remove residue that is sitting on outer hair shaft. after final rinse, apply

 your leave in conditioner. *** if you do not do the gentle shampoo when tail gets wet the first time, you will probably have  a lot more transfer. 

Tail Coloring/Rinsing & Drying Video


Leg Coloring & Rinsing Video 

Showing the Vibrant color after

An attention grabber for sure!

Crazy Liberty Dyes

With 13 colors and a clear mixing agent to choose from skys the limit! 

 Hair Dye "Crazy Liberty" are made on the basis of vegetative and fruit components that not only color the hair, but also improve the health of the hair considering the peculiarities of animals' skin and fur.

We use plant and fruit juices AHA (α-hydroxy acid) as a dye extract to give the intensive color.

The paint includes an extract of lilies that nourishes and restores the structure of the damaged coat, protects it from bleaching under ultraviolet rays and soothes the animal skin.

Permanent and non-toxic.

Unlike permanent paints that are represented on markets, we do not use ammonia in "Crazy Liberty" that's why the structure of coat does not change!

 Colors: Pink, Violet, light blue, dark blue, light green, dark green, orange, yellow, red, brown, black, light grey, dark grey. and clear(for mixing custom colors)

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