Grooming Sprays- Conditioning & Dematting

Grooming Sprays- Conditioning & Dematting

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    This collection will make your life easier, crunched for time?  Use only spray leave in conditioner after the bath to speed up drying.  Use dematting sprays before or after bath to loosen and have knots blow right out.

    Use Melanie Newman conditioning sprays after shampoo & conditioner to add shine & slip for knots/undercoat. 

    Use melanie newman Colognes(which are just a few natural ingredients) for scissor spray, to refresh coat, to refresh room or bedding, on your own hair. 

    CURLY GIRLS- melanie newman everyday line works great- use cond spray as refresh spray. 

    21 products
    Flairosol Replacement spray head
    Pink Camo Camo Solid Purple Solid Teal +18
    Flairosol- Continuous Spray bottle
    K9 Aloe Nano Mist Spray
    from $14.50
    K9 Crisp Mist Spray
    from $15.50
    K9 Dematter Instant Conditioner Spray
    from $17.50
    K9 Keratin+ Coat Repair Spray
    from $16.45
    K9 Kunzea Summer Shampoo/flea tick
    from $19.00
    K9 Kunzea Summer Spray
    from $18.00
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    Les Pooch - Detangle spray
    MN Everyday Coat Conditioning Spray
    MN Everyday Grooming Cologne
    from $24.95 Regular price $42.95 Save $18
    MN Refresh Coat Conditioning Spray
    MN Refresh Grooming Cologne
    from $24.95 Regular price $42.95 Save $18
    MN Relax Coat Conditioning Spray
    MN Relax Grooming Cologne
    from $29.95
    Secret Weapon - shampoo Additive
    from $13.00
    Secret Weapon -HypKNOTic detangle spray
    from $24.00
    Show Tech + Quick Fix Spray 250ml Concentrate
    Show Tech + Quick Fix Spray 500ml RTU
    Show Tech Brillantine Finishing Spray
    Show Tech+ Electric Spray Bottle- 1Litre
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