Try the Best Dog Brush for Short Hair Breeds, Puppies, and Soft/Fine Coats

Top groomers throughout the world rely on the Pro Brush (M/M/S) to make their canine clients look their best. So why not use use that same brush to keep your pooch’s coat looking fabulous between grooming sessions. The medium-soft flexible head of our Pro Brush (M/M/S) gently glides through fur from root to tip. The curvature and scattering of bristles do all your major brushing on the coat, allowing you to get deep down to the skin where most mats reside.

Breeds Brush is Best For

To help you determine if the Pro Brush (M/M/S) is the right brush for your pet, we have put together a list of breeds we typically recommend this product for; however, coats in the same breed can differ. We base our brush recommendations off of the coat type as opposed to the breed, as every breed coat is different from one to the next.

The Pro Brush (M/M/S) is meant for short, soft, curly, and wavy hair breeds with coats of 3 inches or less, as well as fleecy, soft coats, 

Brushing Tips:

  • Brush with a light hand, without pressure.
  • Always brush in the direction of the handle, do NOT brush side to side.
  • Use continuous, soft strokes. Do NOT hack at the fur.
  • Tackle mats by brushing in a circular motion with a straight wrist. Do NOT hack at the mat.