2022 Black Friday Sales

get the most for your Bucks! sale starts Nov 24th, till 27th

We have a number of deals going on. 


 Bundle Boxes : value at over $500  for $150!

Dry Dude Microfiber jacket towels 20% off! all sizes all colors

Liveryman Blades   ( narrow and wide ) 30% off! Rockwell hardness of  64! 

Groomer Humour Calendar 35% off 

KISS shampoo & Conditioner(private label Made by IV Sans Bernard in Italy) 5Litre jugs only $60(works out to $45 per gallon) at regular $80 is $60 per gallon) this is very effective shampoo. incredible clean. nice scent

Poodle Key chain  20 % off all 3 colors

Biothane loops +quantity discounts from 5-20% off(make sure your logged in)

Universal Slicker in multiple sizes.   Soft     Hard and Franks Soft and Franks Original all 15-35% off  Log in to see best quantity discounts

Melanie Newman Relax & Refresh Conditioner in 1Litre size only $20!

K9 Competition Horse line, Crisp shampoo, High Rise Shampoo & Cond (volume line) and Kunzea summer flea sh & spray all on 20% + off. 

Ladybird Smocks! 

3/4 sleeve stylistBlue Rhinestone Colorblock, Black rhinestone Jacket,   Men's Vest & jackets, Pro Stylist Apron, Pro Rhinestone apron, Scrub Tunic, Waterproof Dog Jacket, Paw Jacket, Poodle Jacket, Waterproof Breed head vest, Pink dog vest30% off

 Hydra (moist, dematter, x-treme, odor, soft facial, whiten shampoo)15% off

Groom-X boxes,   35% off !!!

Secret weapon HypKNOTic on sale 20% off

Show Tech Wide bladesGuard combs 20 % off. 

 Pro-Fleece/ Polar Fleece Vet bed in rubber backed & anti-chew backed  10% off




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