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Bow Wow Bling - pack of Crystals

Bow Wow Bling

  • $4.00

Featuring the finest quality SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, they are flat backed, and need glue to stick. Click here for Glue

each  bag of size small contain 12 pair (24 crystals)

Size large contains 5 pair.(10 crystals)

Your choice of two sizes and eight crystal color selections:

ruby red, antique pink, Pink Rose, purple amethyst, luminous crystal , emerald green, sapphire blue and turquoise blue. 

Perfect for professional add on service offerings and creative grooming projects; from crystal tattoos and as earring crystal applications Earrings stay on up to 6 weeks or remove easily with coconut oil.Tested and endorsed for use for use by and the NAPCG

Gems still attached to ears when they come back in?  

on a non double coated dog simply reclip the tip of ear, peel hair & glue from gem and wash with rubbing alcohol. 

On double coated breed rub coconut(or vegetable oil) on ear BEFORE bath to get glue off, then bath. DO NOT PULL gem off, i find it pulls out hair with it and over time will create temporary bald spot. 

When  Is BIGGER  not better?  well the larger the gem, the more weight it has. so on a tiny dog the large size will fall off sooner than smaller. On a bigger ear, the xsmall will look tiny but not in your face. size small is perfect for most shihtzu. 

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