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CGD Slicker Brush


  • $30.00

Looking for your new favorite slicker brush? look no farther! This sculpted wooden slicker brush will separate coat beautifullly and give you a plush finish with out yanking on the skin. Comfortable handles for all day use. 


Choose from two sizes( medium and large)

and two shapes (rectangular and round) to suit every need. 

all feature a medium length pin, though i find the grab slightly more strong on the larger brushes. 

Rectangular  medium is my everyday small dog go to  brush. I use for fluff drying, finishing & scissoring. 

Rectangular large is great for st poodles etc where there is soft coat or under coat.

Oval small is softest (less grab) and is great for yorkies, thinner coats and sensitive skin, 

Oval Large is softer than Rectangular, yet will grab hair more than the med version. 

 ***NOT a BATHING BRUSH!!**** due to wood I do not recomend using around water. 



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Customer Reviews

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