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Double Bow Neck Decoration


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This Simple yet cute decoration is suitable for both male and female clients as it is not too "foo foo" looking
Features an omnidirectional double bow so that it looks good from any angle. The elasticized ribbon has a slight shimmer to it. 

Package contains 2 of each color = 12 pieces
6 Colors: Yellow, Purple, Red, Hot pink, Pale pink, Teal blue

The bow itself is 3.5" wide x 3.5" tall(9cm x 9cm)
​Elasticized neck band stretches from 14"-20"(35.5cm-51cm)- need it smaller? tie a small knot as close to the bow as you can, it can either be hidden under the overlapping bow or use the loop of the knot to size it very small by pulling bow through knot(it stays hidden under bow- pics/video soon)

also available in the Neck Decoration Variety Pack

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