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Modern Styles Around The World Magazine & DVD- by Olga Zabelinskaya

Olga Zabelinskaya

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LOVE ASIAN FUSION??? want to know how to achieve those gorgeous "overseas" trims?? 

​Produced by Olga Zabelinskaya of groom Team USA, this magazine's purpose is to share and instruct how to groom in a variety of "modern styles" from all over the world(not just Asian Style, Fusion or Japanese). Each Issue features a different breed/coat type 
PLUS a DVD with a complete featured groom by Olga( except for doodle mag)

#1 features Teddy bear type trims and has  photos from groomers showcasing each style (usually different dogs).
Olga has written instructions and visual pictorials showing the lines/shapes, and focal points of each style's body and head This one  is coupled with Olgas Shih Tzu DVD($35 value!) instead of the poodle dvd.

#2 features Dropcoats, visual  and has yorkie DVD

#3 features Variety of breeds in asian/moden trims, Schnauzer DVD

#4 features Carving & sculpting like the spiral, armadillo, etc, comes with sweetheart DVD

Special edition- Bichon is all about Bichons maintenance, show trim, pet trim, eye staining, blowdrying etc, with full show trim on the DVD by Olga

Special Edition- Poodles contains 8 poodle styles, including conti, puppy, retro, putting in wiggies, spray up and Modern on the DVD

**NEW** Special Edition - Doodles conains 28 pages/10 styles for doodles with step by step photo and instructions, both cute, practical to asian- NO DVD

WE SHIP WORLDWIDE, If website isn't working, we can invoice through paypal. 

Read our informative Blog with sneak peak inside!! 

Inside discontinued Volume #1


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