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Unfamiliar with Secret weapon? try our Starter kit- 


What is it?: The product called "Secret Weapon" is a thick liquid that can be used in multiple ways before and during the bath to help knots and mats and undercoat to loosen. It comes in regular strength and Concentrated . Taking over 5 years to Create .(it has its own smell from jojoba oil etc, but no added fragrance- thats why its listed as unscented-it does not come in mint or lavender)

See  below for FAQ and usage instructions

The product called "hypnotic" is a slippery liquid that can be used before and/or after bath to encourage knots, mats and undercoat to loosen and slide out. comes in ready to use and concentrated. See info & instructions below. 

Joanne's favorite way to use secret weapon:  i add 12.5 ml to a 1 litre bottle of my concentrated shampoo(usually K9 Aloe or K9 crisp) shake or mix well. mixed in small batches like this with concentrated product and clean bottle it will not get gross. 

I do my first wash with my normal clarifying or stronger shampoo then when i am ready to bathe a dog with it I simply mix shampoo normally(so add water and my premixed secret weapon/concentrated shampoo in a mixing bottle and apply to Dog recirculate  through), you adjust how much Secret weapon you add according to Dilution ratio of shampoo. if your using a 50-1 shampoo then you will add more than for a 20-1 shampoo. after towel drying i spray hypKNOTic (pre-diluted with water in a spray bottle) and lightly brush through coat(if its bad) you will see the main results when the coat is dry with hv and you are fluff drying- mats will melt away. 

Alternate way joanne uses HypKNOTic: add 5 ml to water and recirc through on big hairy dog that has packed undercoat. or add 1ml for small dog. OR add .05ml (couple drops) to 1 litre bottle water and pour through coat- rinse lightly. this really releases coat yet is not heavy or add any drying time. 

Side effect of this product is fluffy volume, with very slight conditioned feel. 

Here is a poodle that has been home groomed for years:  Before

after using secret weapon in shampoo, no brushing done. you can see still clumps of mats- looks scary doesn't it?


then i sprayed HypKnotic in all over, and used a high velocity dryer to push those mats out. finishing with fluff dryer i only had three spots i used my thinners to break up the knot so it could slide out

After: now my new client books in every 6-8 weeks! 

Secret Weapon


Works best as a natural conditioning shampoo additive but it can also be used as a spray that dematts, desheds, shortens drying time, fluffs the coat and adds volume; makes grooming easier. 

Ingredients:  ▪ coconut oil
                    ▪  macadamia oil
                    ▪  avocado oil
                    ▪  keratin
                    ▪  salt
                    ▪  water
No Artificial Fragrance, NO colour added. NO silicone.

- Suitable for dogs, cats, horses, owners and groomers with sensitive skin.
- Designed to enter the hair shaft to hydrate and repair. The molecular structure does not breakdown making the pets coat easier to maintain on a daily basis.
- Use it as a shampoo additive but it can also be used as a scissoring and finishing spray. 
 - It helps prevent tangles and matts while improving the coats condition when used regularly. 
- Use mixed in a non-clarifying shampoo or spray on before and after the bath. 
- Safe to use in a bathing  system

Available in 

60ml RTU spray bottles-( use as spray detangler or dump contents into 1 Litre concentrated shampoo-then mix and use shampoo as normal)

125ml Xtra Super concentrated

250ml Xtra Super concentrated

500Ml Xtra Super concentrated

Shampoo dilution ratio and neat Secret Weapon


shampoo dilution ratio: 10-1 up to 20-1 dilution = add 12.5ml of Secret Weapon per 1L undiluted shampoo

Shampoo  dilution ratio:   30-1 up to 50-1 dilution = add 15ml of Secret Weapon per 1L undiluted shampoo

then dilute and use your shampoo as normally would(in recirc, hand wash etc)


What is secret weapon? 

It is unlike any other product you will have ever used that has an amazing and long lasting aroma.  Secret Weapon is a highly concentrated shampoo additive which helps dematt, deshed, detangle, lessens drying time, fluffs the coat, adds volume and shine, reduces drying time and wear on grooming equipment.  It simply makes grooming easier.  With continued use you will notice a difference in the coat and your grooming time will shorten.


How Does Secret Weapon Work?

Secret Weapon enters the hairshaft feeding and hydrating each individual hair, softening the coat, as well as, releasing knots and mats.  The molecular structure does not breakdown making the coat easier to groom and maintain.  An additional conditioner is not necessary but may be used at your discretion.


What Is Secret Weapon Made With?

Secret Weapon is fortified with Coconut, Macadamia and Avocado oils plus a natural protein, Keratin.  Only the highest quality ingredients are used to create Secret Weapon, for example, our Keratin is extracted from the wool taken from sheep which is an expensive process.  Secret Weapon does not contain colour or silicone.  No fragrance is added.


Can I Use Secret Weapon In My Bathing System?

You can use Secret Weapon in your bathing system.  Use the appropriate amount of Secret Weapon with your non-clarifying shampoo and its ready to use.


Is Secret Weapon Economical To Use?

Secret Weapon is extremely economical as it is highly concentrated.  It costs approximately $.04 per dog when used as directed.


What Animals Can Secret Weapon Be Used On?

Secret Weapon can be used on dogs, cats, guinea pigs and horses.


Can I Purchase Secret Weapon If I Am Not A Professional Groomer?

Anyone that grooms their dog, cat, guinea pig or horse can use Secret Weapon.  It is not just for professional groomers.


How Do I Use Secret Weapon?

Secret Weapon is a very versatile product; use it neat,straight from the bottle rubbed direct on bad mats

OR added to your choice of non-clarifying shampoo in small doses and mix your shampoo as normal

OR you can dilute it to make a Ready To Use (RTU) solution by following the dilution instructions,

OR as a finishing or scissoring or detangling spray.

When using Secret Weapon as a shampoo additive, gently massage into the coat for 10 minutes before rinsing.


The newest hypoallergenic detangling spray that dematts, desheds, shortens drying time, adds shine and volume to a coat; makes grooming easier.

Ingredients:   ▪ coconut oil
                     ▪  dimethicone (water soluble silicone)
                     ▪  argan oil
                     ▪  sweet almond oil
                     ▪  camellia oleifera seed oil
                     ▪  vitamin E and B5
                     ▪  water
Available in Lavender, Mint and Unscented.

- Suitable for dogs, cats, horses, owners and groomers with sensitive skin.
- Coats hair with water soluble silicone, oils and vitamins which hydrate and nourish while allowing matts and dead hair to slide out. It is also an anti-static. 
- Spray on hair between baths during general grooming or use after the bath. Use as often as needed, there is no sticky build up and it washes out next bath.
- Pain free dematting and dead hair removal for your pet. Spray on a wet or dry coat and clippers will glide through with ease meaning less wear on equipment.
- Spray all over the pets coat for deshedding and dematting. Spray remaining matts and use a HV dryer, comb or brush to remove.

Available in :

60ml RTU spray bottles in Mint/Lavender/unscented

60ml concentrate Mint/Lavender/unscented

125ml concentrate Mint/Lavender/unscented

250ml concentrate Mint/Lavender/unscented

in 300ml boottle mix 6ml concentrated HyKNOTic -fill rest with distilled water

in 500ml bottle Mix 10 ml concentrated HypKNOTic- fill rest with distilled water

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