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Shear Holder


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Comes in two styles and sizes. a wall mount(6 or 12 shear) and  a free standing (5 shear)Clear Acrylic Blade Organizer.(you can place in a cubbie or drill hole in bottom and screw down for added stability)

The wall mount can also be flipped and mounted to edge of table. 

When you have a built in arm clamp, use two 6 shear holders instead ( see pic) 

  • Break-resistant
  • Large holds up to 12 shears and Small holds 6 shears, free-standing holds 5 shears
  • They protect and keep your scissors organized and close at hand
  • Can be mounted to walls/ or edge of your table. 
  • Great way to keep those expensive scissors off surfaces and drawers and where they could be damaged

with the 5 shear free standing one, you can drill a hole in the bottom to secure down, or place in a cubby type spot. 

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