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Sparkle Wrap Collars- Lace Flower collection

Canadian Grooming Distributor

  • $2.50

Glittery Sparkle wrap on shiny stretchy elasticized ribbon in coordinating colors in adjustable ready to use sizes for all your cat and dogs from toy to mastiff. Very comfy- cats don't mind them at all. Dogs that hate decorations are fine with them. Features adjustable sliders to size them for each dog & cat

size xs : smallest size is 8"-12" diameter(without stretch)

small has 1" wide sparkle wrap 10" at smallest, 13 at largest(18" stretched)

med size has 2" wide sparkle & neck size is 13" at smallest, 19" at largest, (25" stretched) with black elastic ribbon

 Colors: Bags of  20 collars in assorted colors 

single collar(subject to availability- but ask in notes for specific if you wish)

xs & small have 2 blue, 6 pink, 6 yellow, 6 red. 

med have 4 Pink, 4 purple, 2 blue, 4 Yellow, 4 red (and extra 2 of pink, purple, red or yellow)



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