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Spaw pad - antiPAWtigue table mat

Canadian Grooming Distributor

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an antiPAWtigue mat for your furry clients!  take the weight off thier paws with this cushiony mat designed for use with your competition dogs, seniors, and daily well behaved client. 

Mat will not imbed hair or water. does not stain with stypic(yellow kwik stop brand  rubbed in wet and sat 1 hr)

most pens, marker set etc if cleaned up immediately will come off. even dog dye(crazy liberty) came off after sitting all night on the mat.

washes up beautifully. 

if sitting by tub getting splashed/soaked in water..and sitting with water on layer will be damp versus getting wiped right away, liquid will not run or soak all the way through it, but the more ripped up the top layer is easier to contain moisture. 

NEW color choices: pink/ blue( original one) , Teal/ grey, Red/Orange, Purple/light pink

long pointed nails or freshly cut(but not dremmeled) will scuff it. really rambuncious dogs will be able to leave marks in mat. 

** I have been using these mats since 2017 now, as they get deeper marks in them from nails, they do not bead up moisture as much but they also don’t soak through either. Still wash up great. We have used on two tables, in tub and on floor in front of tub for bather to stand on( it gets the most dirty water, shampoo etc splashed on it) it is always dry unde it, but the top surface will hold a bit of moisture once worn a little. 

* a second version that is tougher but less cushiony is in the works for those rambuncious large dogs that dance on the table with their dagger nails. 


Size 24” wide by 48 long. Easily cut to customize. 

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