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Asian Style Grooming manuals- By Riza Wisnom

Canadian Grooming Distributor

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Welcome to the world of Asian style grooming! Choose from two unique books by the same author. Book #1 will be back in stock Dec 2016, Both feature different groom styles, both have prep tricks. the newest one is Book 2-released Nov 2016. 


Book #1-The Complete Guide to Asian Style Grooming:  164 pages of full color photographs and detailed tutorials (22 lessons in all!) This Beautiful glossy book goes over everything from prep work, the full body groom, to color, curling and accessories.
 Bonus photo gallery insert(it's like a mini pin-up mag!) from groomers worldwide included free(which is excellent to show clients to get them interested in a style)
Multiple pictures/angles/pages for each style, an example is (book 1)Tutorial #4 The Classic Teddy Bear (black dog), there is 8 pages, 30 pictures, 6 "sections" including body, rear legs, front legs, headpiece, muzzle & ears just for this ONE style!

Book #2-The Art of Asian Freestyle Dog Grooming is a comprehensive manual written and photographed by Riza Wisnom, internationally known Asian Freestyle artist and instructor. In this book she’ll teach you the adorable cartoon cuts of the Far East step by step! Each tutorial contains detailed instructions for an easy to follow road map to success. Enjoy over 128 pages of glorious color photos!

Featuring the following three bonus sections!

  • Guest tutorial by international grooming star and GroomTeam USA member Lindsey Dicken
  • Guest tutorial by renowned Japanese stylist and international speaker Kenichi Nagase
  • A bonus Look Book of the book’s styles for your salon counter that will entice your clients to try Asian Freestyle Grooming!

Improvements made just for you!

  • Spiral bound for your convenience so that it may be referred to as you are grooming
  • UV protective coating on cover for extra durability
  • 20 styles to learn and love
  • Views of the completed groom from front, side and back!

Follow along as Riza explains page after page of secret tips and tricks to achieving the perfect donut muzzle, the Asian bell bottom leg and more! You’ll learn more than you could ever have hoped with her careful and detailed instructions!


typically Canada is $15-20(orders over $100 ship free),  USA is $25-$35. International is  $35-$40

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