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Wahl Stainless steel Guide Comb for A5 blades


  • $38.00

Stainless steel guard comb that fit your A5 blades! 

Rounded corners and the thin teeth make these combs way better than plastic. They slide through coat and don't leave lines..

"These are what I use on daily basis to groom all my dogs" Joanne Parker 

Choose between a kit which contains one of each size plus a handy storage container. 

KIT : Comes with #5(1/8"), #4(1/4"), #2(3/8"),#1(1/2"),#0(5/8"),#A(3/4"),#C(7/8"),#E(1")

Single guard comb to get only the size you want. 

If you are new to using guard combs, the length you use most often will depend on your clientele. My most commonly used are #4/ #2/ #1/ #0. I go in reverse on straight coats at least 2 combs longer than the length I want. I tend to do shorter bodies and longer legs. 

DOODLE length are 5/8 to 1" 

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